Emily Hermant

Video: Emily Hermant, Galleries West, Vancouver, 2021.

Insight Video: Emily Hermant,
Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, 2019.

The Original Glitch, T’ai Smith, Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, 2019.

Emily Hermant: Spatial Drawings, Liane Veness, Critical Distance Volume 20:4, ace art, Winnipeg, 2015.

Artist of the Week: Emily Hermant, LVL3 Media, Chicago, IL, 2014.

Emily Hermant: Spatial Drawings, jake moore, CIRCA, Montréal, 2014.

Rackroom Interview with Emily Hermant, Courtney Thompson, ARTSlant Worldwide, 2013.

High Strung: Emily Hermant’s Hesitations, Tai Van Toorn, Espace Sculpture, No. 95, 2011.

Fall Preview: Chicago’s Next Art Stars, Lauren Weinberg, TimeOut Chicago, No. 287, 2010.

Emily Hermant: Hesitations, Natalie Olanick, Articule, Montréal, 2010.

Emily Hermant: Ums and Ahs, Robyn Fadden, The Hour, Volume 18, No. 37, 2010.